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Our Mission Statement

Putting computers at the service of ecology.

The goal of Ecomail is to offer an email messaging service to recover funds to propel various ecological projects, in total transparency. 50% of Ecomail's income is used to carry out concrete actions in the field of ecology, to make donations to associative organizations, to develop ecology in France.


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Our Team

Vous, et nous. Plus de 4819 utilisateurs de part le monde.

Nathan Herbert

After a scientific BAC, I followed two years of training to obtain a DUT in Computer Science and Software Engineering. Once the DUT was acquired, I went to an engineering school to be trained as a computer project manager. I then worked in a French web hosting company as a developer and linux system administrator. This work allowed me to discover the world of datacenters. At the same time, I created a first company, the web agency Wevox. In 2016, I wanted to give a meaning to my work by acting, with my knowledge in computer science, for ecology and environment. This is how Ecomail was born. Within Ecomail, I am in charge of several missions: the general evolution of the project, the technical development, the administration of the hosting infrastructure, the technical support and so on. For me, Ecomail is a magnificent project which, through its actions, succeeds in putting my job at the service of causes that are very important to me: ecology, the environment, biodiversity.

Clio Herbert

I hold a Master II in Ecology, Agroecology and Biodiversity. I have several years of experience in the associative environment as president of the university's ecological association, as a volunteer in different associations such as: the Wildlife Protection Centres of the LPO PACA & Hérault and the Village des Tortues. I also participated in the realization of wildlife inventories for the Picardie Nature association. My various internships led me to carry out a study and inventories on Odonates (dragonflies and damselflies) at the Conservatoire d'Espaces Naturels d'Auvergne and to carry out a study, as an apprentice river technician, on the Cher Watershed (river - upstream part) at the Direction Départementale des Territoires du Puy-de-Dôme in the Water Policy Department. Within Ecomail, I am in charge of exchanges with the different associations for Ecomail. My role also consists in communicating about the project, promoting ethical e-mail messaging as an alternative solution and raising users' awareness about the reduction of digital pollution.

Ecomail and the Hummingbird
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Without our users, we would not be fulfilling our mission. You are 4820 to trust Ecomail and participate in the project.

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Create an Ecomail mailbox

We offer 30 days of free subscription then your Ecomail email box is charged 12€ per year. 50% of the income is donated to associations or to carry out concrete actions in favour of the environment.

Why pay for a mailbox?

Some web giants offer free email boxes. Actually, it's not free. Your data is used to generate revenue, mainly through advertising. Ecomail offers a private mailbox, hosted in France, without advertising and not for profit. The aim of Ecomail is to raise funds, by providing you with a reliable service, and then reuse them in the development of ecology in our beautiful country. Everybody has a personal or professional email account, why not do a good deed while using your email?


In a few words: IT at the service of ecology

Actions in favour of ecology
Information technology at the service of ecology

Computers and ecology are often not the same thing. Computing is extremely energy-intensive and therefore, computer tools such as our emails are highly polluting. We want to reconcile these two worlds by using the revenues generated by the IT department to promote ecology and have a direct impact on our planet and its ecosystems. Several web hosting companies will praise you for their ecological merit(s), but let's be reasonable. Ecology and IT are not compatible. Computing uses a phenomenal amount of energy, generates a lot of heat and uses non-recyclable components. One of the possible solutions to act for ecology via IT is to use a service like Ecomail which will reuse the money generated for ecological projects. There are also other services such as Ecosia that use the proceeds to plant trees.

Has Ecomail already carried out any actions?

Oui ! Nous sommes très heureux d'avoir réussi à réaliser 46858.7€ de dons pour des associations qui agissent sur le terrain. Pour les deux premiers dons, il s'agit de l'association Sea Shepherd et de l'association Ferus.

How much does an Ecomail mailbox cost?

We offer the Ecomail email box at 12€ per year. Of the 12€, 2€ are paid to the State for VAT. 5€ are donated to associations that act for our environment and 5€ are used for the operation of the service, for technical support, machines, energy...

Where are Ecomail's servers hosted?

The servers necessary for the operation of Ecomail are hosted by the company Online.net (ILLIAD) in a French datacenter (Paris) using 100% renewable energy. Currently, we have 3 machines: 1 main server, 1 backup server synchronized on the main server, 1 backup server.

Apart from donations, do you carry out other actions?

We try to be present on different points. The first is of course the support of the associations that act on the ground through donations. Secondly, we try on a daily basis to make our users aware of digital pollution. To do this, we have created a unique webmail interface that alerts users when they store a lot of messages. We thus invite them to sort through the messages and keep only the essential ones. Through this awareness, we wish to inform our users that any email stored is an email that causes pollution. In the future, we would like to finance an Ecomail apiary and why not, other initiatives around energy, biodiversity and environmental education.


We tell you everything.

Why Ecomail rather than another?
So if I use Ecomail, I'm doing something for the environment?

Yes, of course, if you are sensitive to ecology, you did not wait for us to take action in this direction (Donations to associations, nature site ... etc.). Via our service, we propose you to act once again, but with the counterpart of being able to use your email box!

What are the technical characteristics of the email box?

Email boxes have 5 GB of disk space. They are hosted on Cloud servers in France with high availability hard disks ensuring a very good availability of your mailbox. You can send and receive attachments of up to 50 MB.

What does Ecomail's webmail interface look like?

We use Roundcube Open Source webmail. Around it, we have added a "Made in Ecomail" interface with various community features. We want to create a community around your mailbox and above all, we want to be totally transparent with you. In the interface, you can find statistics and Ecomail's accounting. Everything we earn is shown, and everything that is used is also shown.

How can I be sure that Ecomail is involved in projects for ecology?

We operate completely transparently. That is to say, we inform our users in real time of the revenues that the service generates. Each action carried out by Ecomail is described on the "Our actions" page of the site, and sometimes even in a video published on Youtube and WeTube (the latter has an interesting concept to reduce the ecological footprint of a video). We also send a newsletter for each action carried out. Finally, we can provide proof of donations upon request if the evidence already present on the site is not sufficient.

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