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Interview of the association Les Pieds à Terre

  • Clio

The association "Les Pieds à Terre" is an environmental education association. Indeed, the preservation of the environment and the Planet, in general, is largely through education that is inculcated in everyone.

In order to make your association "Les Pieds à Terre" known to the Ecomail community, we invite you to share your experience and your views through this questionnaire.

1. Can you introduce us to your association Les Pieds à Terre?

We are based in Chilhac in the Haut Allier, there are not many people, but we manage to work with 7 animators. Our desire and to find the maximum of means to put children and adults outside, in contact with Nature. Because even in rural areas, this contact is lost and with it, the whole relationship that we can maintain with the territory as a place to live is weakening. So we walk, we move slowly, we marvel at everyday and banal things!

2. Your association seeks to educate young and old about the environment. What activities do you propose to do this?

We intervene in schools, in nurseries, EHPADs, leisure centres, we organise holiday stays, we have a 100% outdoor leisure centre. We forge a lot of good ideas and nice tools to make you want to go with us right there in front of you...

3. Within your team, do you observe an increased interest of young people in the environment and nature?

Not really, that's where it's difficult, the attraction in the environment is certain. It is clear that the issue of pollution and the loss of biodiversity is a concern, but we have the impression that it remains abstract. We don't go out any more! It's dangerous, too hot, too rainy, too far away... So Nature is easier on the shelf.

4. Do parents notice a sensitivity of their children towards nature?

For those who pass through our paws: certainly. We marvel, we make people live strong moments in Nature, so when the children come back home, they want to share. Some of them go to bivouac with their families thanks to us!

5. Adults are also affected by some of your activities. Do you see a commitment on their part for the preservation of nature? If so, in what form?

I invariably come back to this observation that they have the theory, but we bring them this plus, this link, this emotion and finally this affect with their environment which is often missing.

6. Does the association offer other services to introduce environmental education in other fields of activities?

EHPAD, crèche, handicap, are our new audiences, it's incredible all the brakes that you have to lift just to get out at the end of the street!

7. Do you believe that environmental education is one of the keys to preserving the Planet?

Beyond environmental education, for us it is education outdoors that will offer the best keys.

8. Do you have a particular event planned for the near future? If so, can you tell us about it?

To mention just one about summer, I'd like to talk about canoeing on the Allier: On board our educational canoe, we go to meet the tourists, to share a moment of Nature with them! Great because it's unexpected.

Thank you for your time in answering these few questions.