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The Idea

By Nathan Herbert

The idea of Ecomail was born following a discussion about the pollution generated by computers worldwide. Indeed, for the virtual world that is the Internet to live, it is necessary to operate millions of machines connected to each other via billions of network machines (switches, routers, etc.). All these machines consume energy and generate heat. This energy is produced by our power plants, in France mainly via nuclear power. The production of this energy therefore generates immediate pollution and pollution over time. However, the Internet is only getting bigger. Web hosts have a strong growth, demonstrating the increase in the need for machines and therefore the consumption of energy. Everyone today has at least one email address. Today, everyone has at least one email address. Very often, this email address is managed and stored on servers outside of France. The distance between the client computer (you) and the server hosting your mailbox generates pollution, because to pass through the network, your data goes through hundreds of relays to finally reach its destination. These relays must therefore be always more powerful and consume more and more. Are we aware of all this when we use our usual email services? We are convinced that it is not possible, at the moment, to have a presence or an activity on the internet in an ecological way. Many web hosting providers sell you their ecological merits, but let's not be naive. With few exceptions, no host is ecological. Ecologically aware people represent an increasingly important part of the market and, as a result, companies have a vested interest in promoting ecology within their structure, even if it often doesn't exist at all. This is a business asset and nothing else.

Why Ecomail?

We won't tell you that your @ecomail emails are green. We won't tell you that storing your emails is good for the planet. No, we won't tell you all that. We offer you a completely classic email service, hosted on servers using renewable energy to operate, where 25 to 50% of the revenue from the sale of the service is used for the promotion, development and creation of ecological projects that benefit our environment, our biodiversity and the respect and protection of living species. Ecomail is offered at 12€ per year. If 10,000 of us use Ecomail and donate 12€, then we will have 60,000€ (50% of 120,000€) to inject into ecological projects. The remaining 50% will be used to run the infrastructure, to develop other ecological projects or to pay salaries. Ecomail does not display any advertising on your webmail interface. Unlike the email giants, we do not offer you a free service that is actually financed by your personal data and your navigation. By choosing Ecomail, you benefit from a reliable mailbox, but above all, you participate in ecological projects rather than in the enrichment of a large foreign structure.

How to support us?

Without you, the project falls apart. But rest assured, it is possible to support us. Our goal, as you know, is to put computers at the service of ecology. It's generally the other way around, our nature is being hit hard by the evolution of technology, particularly in terms of the electricity consumption it generates. Currently, our environment is undergoing a sharp increase in the use of IT. Ecomail offers you to compensate for your email hosting by participating in our adventure.

To support the Ecomail project, there are several solutions:

  •  Use our service: change your email address and choose Ecomail. If you wish to synchronize your existing emails with your Ecomail mailbox, contact us and we will take care of it. By using Ecomail and participating in our email service, you give us the means to act for the ecology.
  •  Talk about us around you: word of mouth is the best way to develop our project and thus have an impact on our environment through our actions. The more people who use an @ecomail.fr email box, the more we will have the means to act or support structures already in place.
  •  Renouveler votre abonnement Ecomail à 12€ TTC par an. L’argent est utilisé à 50% pour la réalisation de nos différentes actions et à 50% pour la gestion des serveurs et autres frais. Si vous souhaitez parler de nous sur votre site, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter à l’adresse : sav@ecomail.earth