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The Service

Characteristics of the Ecomail email box


An intelligent and environmentally friendly e-mail box

Ecomail is a mailbox hosting service offered to individuals and companies. Here are its characteristics:

  •  5 GB of disk space
  •  2 GB Cloud Disk Space
  •  Roundcube for viewing your emails via a web page
  •  Agenda & Tasks with Owncloud
  •  IMAP / SMTP access for the configuration of your messaging software.
  •  Powerful inbound and outbound AntiSpam & antivirus software from SpamExperts.
  •  Community interface.
  •  Notification of help to reduce the pollution linked to your emails.
  • 12€ TTC per year, 1 month free trial. (50% of the income is used for actions in favour of ecology, 50% for the management and hosting of Ecomail - Understand the project and see the actions)
The Ecomail dashboard

Total transparency

Ecomail is an intelligent e-mail box because it analyses the state of your e-mail box to advise you to act directly to reduce your ecological impact. For example, if your mailbox has more than 500 registered emails, Ecomail invites you to sort them out to free up space and thus limit your pollution. Ecomail also invites you to empty your trash when it overflows, the aim always being to free up space to consume less and therefore pollute less. In addition to an email box, we invite you to participate in the Ecomail community. Vote for projects to support, discuss about issues or reports and news. Share your good practices and your good ecological plans. Be an actor of your ecological IT!

Roundcube webmail to read your e-mails

We integrate the Roundcube webmail into our community interface. Roundcube is a modern Open Source webmail with a dynamic and pleasant interface. You have all the tools you need to manage your emails: writing, draft, moving, deleting, folders, signing, contracts, contact groups, etc...

If you prefer Rainloop webmail, no problem. We also make it available to you.

Roundcube Webmail


Notifications from the Ecomail mailbox


Notifications to make your mailbox more eco-friendly

We've added notifications and alerts to our interface to help you use your mailbox in a greener way. Email deletion reminders, reminders in case of overflowing trash. Having an eco-responsible use of your mailbox is a new reflex to have, we are not used to it. For a long time now, large email hosting services have been offering us more and more storage space, so we don't delete even the most useless emails.