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Ecomail for professionals

Characteristics of the Ecomail email box


To use Ecomail in your company, contact us so that we can establish together the solution adapted to your needs.

Ecomail for professionals

It is possible to use Ecomail with your own domain name. We have created an offer for professionals who want to use an ethical and eco-responsible e-mail box while keeping an identity with their own domain name. Here are the characteristics of Ecomail mailboxes for professionals :

  • - E-mail box linked to your domain name
  • - 10 GB of disk space
  • - 100 GB Cloud Space
  • - Online and multi-document editing
  • - Roundcube for viewing your e-mails
  • - Shared calendars and contacts
  • - Good deliverability of your e-mails
  • - Responsive and accessible technical support
  • - 5€ HT / box / month -(Understand the project and see the actions)
The Ecomail dashboard

Commit to an ethical and eco-responsible approach

We donate 50% of our revenues to associations that act for our environment(see actions). By choosing Ecomail for the management of your professional mailboxes, you are choosing a French, ethical and eco-responsible supplier. The hosting servers are located in France, as close as possible to your company. Ecomail is also a strong community of individuals and professionals who wish to take action to protect the environment and its biodiversity. Join us !

A single interface for all your management

We have developed an intelligent interface that warns you when your email box is no longer eco-friendly. One e-mail pollutes 10g of CO2 per year. By deleting your e-mails and managing your e-mail with an awareness of its impact, you can limit the digital pollution generated by your e-mail. The Ecomail interface allows you to consult your emails, your Drive, your calendar and contacts but also to participate in the Ecomail community.

The Ecomail dashboard
Notifications from the Ecomail mailbox


Available and responsive technical support

A professional needs reliability. This is what we offer you with your Ecomail e-mail box. Our technical support is available to help you solve your possible problems. Your mailbox is backed up and replicated. You also have access to numerous tutorials to help you use your new ethical and eco-responsible mailbox.