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Ecomail is a French, ethical and eco-responsible e-mail box. We donate 50% of our revenues to associations that act for the protection of the environment and for ecology in general. Each time a user trusts Ecomail, 5€ per year is donated to one of the selected associations. Ecomail is also an interface that raises awareness of the digital pollution generated by e-mails. With Ecomail, we put IT at the service of ecology.


They're talking about us

Un grand MERCI à tous ceux qui parlent d'Ecomail sur leur site/blog. Ensemble, nous rendons plus éco-responsable les boites e-mails!

A la radio :
- FranceInter : https://www.franceinter.fr/emissions/l-esprit-d-initiative/l-esprit-d-initiative-02-juin-2021

Sur des blogs :
- L'assurance vie Ethicvie : https://www.ethicvie.com/blog/boite-mail-ethique/
- Le jardin de passage : https://lejardindepassage.fr/graines/
- Le blog Echoverts : https://echosverts.com/2019/04/14/ecomail-une-boite-mail-engagee
- Positivr : https://positivr.fr/ecomail-informatique-ecologique-posipitch/
- Entreprise Climat : https://entreprise-climat.com/interview-ecomail/
- Sauvons les dauphins : https://sauvonslesdauphins.fr/pollution-numerique/
- Velophile http://www.velophile.be/articles-ecomail-une-boite-e-mail-ethique-et-eco-responsable/

On video:
- Super Moi TV: https: //youtu.be/KcvNPKwcxC4

As a podcast:
- Generation Eco: https: //podcast.ausha.co/generation-eco/s02e4-boite-mail-ethique-ecomail

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